The Georgia Aquarium river otter isn’t exactly a sports good-luck charm

Photo via @GeorgiaAquarium on Twitter
Photo via @GeorgiaAquarium on Twitter

Look at that face. That’s the adorable face of a mascot who only roots for teams that just can’t close out victories.

The Georgia Aquarium has a river otter that may be the new face of Atlanta, because he only cheers for teams that don’t finish. The latest example came Thursday when he jumped all over Team USA’s bandwagon prior to their crucial opening-round World Cup match against Germany. The aquarium threw the above image all over Twitter (as did I), letting everyone know that their river otters weren’t no damned traitors and these colors don’t run.

Too bad these colors almost got run from the tournament. Even though the U.S. will advance to the knockout round, it was another loss for our favorite otter’s allegiances.

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If you recall, this guy posed for a picture just before the Atlanta Falcons took on the San Francisco 49ers in the 2013 NFC Championship game. It was out-of-control cute and featured in one of the greatest pieces of journalism ever written. I can only assume it won a Pulitzer, because that’s what damn fine pieces of journalism do.

But the fact remains – if this cuddly little bundle of fur jumps on your bandwagon, it might be time to step off said bandwagon, because your team is about to lose.

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