A bachelor party in Boston, and how the Braves can win me over

If the Atlanta Braves are going to steal from other stadiums’ ideas when they build the new Cobb County compound, they should probably start at Fenway Park in Boston.

The Boston Red Sox have some seriously fancy digs, as I saw over the weekend during my Beantown Bachelor Party. What I expected to be a 100-year-old dump turned out to be an oft-refurbished, friendly, comfortable mecca for baseball.

(Exception: the seats. The seats were pretty tiny, and you got quite comfortable with the person sitting next to you.)

And while I appreciated everything the ballpark had to offer on the inside, the bars and clubs around Fenway were equally impressive. We started day-drinking at Cask and Flagon at about 3 p.m. Friday afternoon and stayed there until just before the game began at 7.

When the game was over, we spent the 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. hours just feet from the Green Monster, drinking and playing games at a bar and club called Tequila Rain, which boasts three levels. There’s a club, tons of pool tables and games, and even two bowling alleys.

It’s heaven.

We did it again Saturday, though this time, it was an afternoon game. But once the game was over, we spent a couple of hours parked underneath the center field bleachers at the Bleacher Bar, which is actually built inside the stadium and bellies right up to the field. You can see an image from inside the bar if you peruse the slideshow at the top of the page.

If the Braves give me a reason to get to the park hours early and stay late, I’m going to do it as often as I can. They’ll get all of my money.

One thing I didn’t see around Fenway that I’d like to see in Cobb County is the rooftop bar scene that’s all around Denver’s Coors Field. Atlanta has such nice weather that the new bars and restaurants should give me the option to sit on the roof, watch the game on a big screen and listen to the sounds of the park from nearby.

These are my demands, and I will not budge.

Our weekend in Boston was fantastic. We packed tons of fun and Beantown exploration into 48 hours, and we saw every part of Fenway Park we never thought we’d get to see in our lifetime.

We got to sit closer to the field than Stephen King. And we’ll always have proof of it – that’s us in the third row, just to the right of the aisle, behind home plate (I’m in the dark blue shirt sitting next to the dude in the light blue shirt).

Oh, and speaking of Mr. King …

There he is, just walking into the stadium like an ordinary guy.
There he is, just walking into the stadium like an ordinary guy.

One more thing – if you’re planning your bachelor party, you’d be wise to consider Boston. Lots of bars, great food and a young, energetic college- and postgrad-agedgroup.

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