I believe that we will win: It’s World Cup time!

It’s a little bit of a “Chicken or the Egg?” debate, but I really have no idea which group did the “I Believe!” chant first.

It could have been my fellow classmates at Pope High School back in 2004, starting the chant and subsequent mosh pit before every football and basketball game during my senior year, or it could have been the American Outlaws – the crazed fanatics who travel with the team and start the “I Believe!” chant.

I tend to think it was the latter, but the chant demonstrated in the video at the top of the page is really catching on as a battle cry for the United States heading into the 2014 World Cup.

And, despite what anyone tells you, it’s perfectly OK to jump on the USA bandwagon just in time for the World Cup.

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I’d consider myself just a notch above the casual fan of Team USA. I watch several of their games between World Cups, and I have a few friends who are members of the American Outlaws.

Those guys are pretty awesome, and I want to join them for a game one of these days. They’re drunk by the time the match begins, and they get to see some awesome countries while following the team.

Still, I’m light-years behind those friends in my fanhood. I couldn’t tell you why Landon Donovan was left off this year’s team (age?) and I don’t know half the terms soccer fans use.

Do they even still call it “soccer?” Please hold your death threats, soccer fans.

But I can tell you that I’m excited for the Group of Death and seeing how the U.S. holds up. The road out of the opening round will be very tough, but entertaining for sure.

The fun starts Thursday afternoon with Brazil and Croatia, and the U.S. will take on Ghana in its first match next Monday at 6 p.m. EDT on ESPN.

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