Florida’s Will Muschamp says they’re done playing FCS opponents, hilarity ensues

Image via Wikimedia Commons
Image via Wikimedia Commons

It’s always a good day in the college football offseason when the following comment made by Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema is only the second-craziest thing uttered by an SEC coach:

I’ll give you a second to digest that comment. Now, here’s a UGA fan who reasonably examined that proclamation and poked all kinds of holes in it.

Just a few hours later Tuesday afternoon, Florida head coach Will Muschamp met with the media and was asked about future scheduling, because that’s all the rage right now. Everyone seems to want to know which SEC coaches would welcome tougher schedules, and which are happy beating up on the Savannah States of the world several times a year. Here’s what Muschamp said about playing FCS – formerly Division I-AA – opponents:

(Reading those two tweets Tuesday afternoon made my head snap back so fast, I nearly gave myself whiplash.)

Sure, Gator fans want to see better opponents, but do they necessarily want to see more beatable opponents? Because if they want the latter, Florida should probably dive deeper into the dregs of the FCS schools; If you recall, UF struggled with FCS opponent Georgia Southern last season.

If “struggle” is the right word for an FBS team losing to an FCS squad on their home field the week before they play a rival.

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Keeping the Gators’ past in mind, Twitter responded to Muschamp’s comments, and it was amazing. Even some Florida fans jumped in to take their shots at their head coach.

If the University of Florida gave Muschamp a 10-year extension, I might become a Gator booster.

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