East Cobb dining scene getting stronger with Seed and Common Quarter

Image via datenightfriday.wordpress.com
Image via datenightfriday.wordpress.com

Growing up in East Cobb County, Georgia, there were a few options for grabbing a meal out of the house – the Chili’s on Roswell Road or one of numerous Mexican establishments.

The food scene wasn’t great because the best chefs were staying downtown. They didn’t think there was a need to set up shop in the suburbs, where strip malls and chain eateries dominate. But in the last three years, that has all changed.

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It’s a decision that seems to make perfect sense – chefs can shed the structured, big-city environment to start their own place and make their own rules in the suburbs, where a lot of people have a lot of money and are willing to spend it on good food.

Examples A and B: Seed and Common Quarter.

Seed Kitchen and Bar is located in the Merchant’s Walk shopping center on the old site of a bulldozed Media Play. The entire shopping center, which was once devoid of anything classier than a Stein Mart, has been rebuilt and claimed by boutique shops that can sell expensive clothes and accessories to the hoity-toitiest of East Cobb moms.

We took my mother (not hoity-toity) to Seed for her birthday dinner Saturday night, and everything about this place impressed. The first thing I saw when I walked into the open-space restaurant and sat down at our table was the menu. Check it out, above the logo:

Seed Menu

The wait staff was attentive and knowledgeable, and the food was tremendous. I had the chicken schnitzel, which was as beautiful as it was delicious. I also sampled my fianceé’s pasta plate, as well as my mother’s hanger steak; Both were flavorful and well-done dishes.

I’d also recommend the pimento crostinis, which had well-balanced flavors with sourdough bread, apples and ham.

About a mile away is the newer Common Quarter, started by the same people who own Muss and Turner’s in Smyrna. It’s a Southern-themed eatery with a lot of farm-to-table influence. We tried this place out on my birthday back in April, and I was joined by my fianceé and friends.

I must first disclose that our experience was a little choppier than most. Something catastrophic happened to our food – it was either dropped on the way out, or our waiter just forgot to send our order to the kitchen – because we waited about an hour to get it. Still, recognizing we’d have to wait longer than other tables to eat, the wait staff did everything they could to accommodate us. We were served fresh bread, which I noticed wasn’t served to other tables, and we also received complimentary desserts.

But when our main courses finally arrived, they didn’t disappoint.

The chicken and dumplings was a great choice on my part. It was a perfectly cooked pair of chicken breasts, and the tiny white-cheddar dumplings left me wanting more. For $18.25, it’s worth every penny.

Our strawberry shortcake dessert was a unique take on the popular finishing dish and I would highly recommend it as well.

You should certainly make a trip to both places because they’re bound to change everything you knew about East Cobb dining.

Seed Kitchen and Bar
(678) 214-6888
1311 Johnson Ferry Road #504
Marietta, GA 30068

Common Quarter
(678) 809-4040
1205 Johnson Ferry Road #101
Marietta, GA 30068

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