DVR alert: ‘Bizarre Foods’ comes to Atlanta Monday night

Andrew Zimmern prepares house-cured pork at Holeman & Finch with chef Linton Hopkins ( photo)
Andrew Zimmern prepares house-cured pork at Holeman & Finch with chef Linton Hopkins ( photo)

What’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever eaten in Atlanta?

My answer isn’t that wild. In all honesty, it was probably pig brains – they taste like the yolk of a hard-boiled egg, you know – but it wasn’t in a restaurant. It was at a pig roast in a friend’s backyard.

Atlanta may not seem like it packs much heat in the bizarre foods department, at least to the locals (some soul food may seem weird to outsiders). But Monday night at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel, the A-T-L will be the center of the Bizarre Foods world.

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The show hosted by Andrew Zimmern will premiere a new episode about all things Atlanta food, and Curbed Atlanta has acquired the names of a few restaurants that may be featured on the episode. They are:

– Sobban
– Highland Bakery
– Octopus Bar
– Decimal Place Farm
– Heirloom Market BBQ
– Holeman and Finch
– The General Muir
– Woodfire Grill
– Restaurant Eugene

Now, not all of those eateries are as “bizarre” as something you might see in his episodes filmed in third-world countries, but it’s likely that they don’t all make the episode, either. Some may be mentioned in passing, or some may not be mentioned at all.

But there are a few I have a feeling will make the episode, like Holeman and Finch. Not only is it a fairly famous establishment, but you know they’re going to make Zimmern try the veal brains. That’s about as bizarre as Atlanta gets.

Also, Zimmern is pictured with fresh goat meat on the episode’s webpage, so I have a feeling he might be trying some goat at Decimal Place Farm.

I do hope Heirloom Market makes the cut, as it is less than 10 minutes from my Marietta home and a go-to for me and my fianceé. It’s also the best barbecue in Atlanta, if not the entire South. I highly recommend you try it.

Remember, the episode begins at 9. Don’t miss it, y’all.

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