Auburn Football: If you can’t beat ’em, claim their national titles

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If we’re just being honest, the best way to end a week is with an SEC school claiming random college football national titles, decades after they were won by someone else.

One of my favorite traditions in college football is when a university dusts off an old Farmer’s Almanac or an issue of Good Housekeeping from the 1940s, only to realize they were named national champion in one of 682 obscure publications and then decide to hang a banner to honor it.

“Never mind that it was only the Playboy poll, someone voted us No. 1 in 1961. Hang the banner, Johnny: ‘The University of Tennessee: 1961 National Champions'”

It happens all the time in the Southeastern Conference.

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Auburn was the latest example of this SEC revisionist history. Fresh off a last-second defeat at the hands of Florida State, Auburn University decided to enact the fuzziest of logic to claim the 1993 national championship.

A championship that was awarded to Florida State.

Since I didn’t remember much about the 1993 season – I was 6 years old and didn’t watch much college football – I read up on Auburn’s perfect season today, and what I found was rather interesting. According to Deadspin, Auburn claimed on their website that the NCAA awarded the 1993 crown to the Tigers, which is strange, because the NCAA itself doesn’t award titles.

Then, there was this gem:

Claiming the 1993 championship is wonderful: Yes, Auburn went undefeated that year, but didn’t have a shot at a title because it was ineligible for postseason play.

My reaction

2012 Ohio State, hang your banner.

In fact, nearly every poll that mattered in 1993 had FSU at the top, according to an SB Nation piece. Is this a case of an SEC school letting the entire conference down by ending a proud streak of national titles, so to get revenge, they fight their battles in the past?

Then again, at least one SEC school seems to have claimed every national title from 1896 until 2013, so did the streak only last seven years, or did it last 117?

Florida State could claim dang near half the national titles in the 1990s, or more. Maybe it’s time they left their calculator at home and started hanging banners every time a poll told them they should have.

But congrats to Jimbo Fisher on yet another national title, since he was coaching the quarterbacks at Auburn in 1993.

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