Why I’m happy Nick Saban isn’t Florida State’s head coach

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Nick Saban is a foul owl. I know, I know – not exactly breaking news on Breslanta, but it still bears repeating.

He always looks like the most miserable person on the football field, even when his Alabama teams are winning national championships. It has to be a little off-putting for Crimson Tide fans to see their head coach so disturbed by winning.

That’s why I’m happy Florida State has a guy like Jimbo Fisher.

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In an age when coach-speak is the norm and winning is hardly enough, Fisher seems to be enjoying the ride as his Seminoles begin their defense of a national title. He believes his 2014 squad will be really good, but he isn’t ready to let go of the 2013 successes just yet.

And because he’s a disciple of Saban, who once famously complained about winning a championship because it took away from his recruiting time, it’s both refreshing and relieving to see Jimbo smiling when asked to talk about last year’s team.

It’s proof that a coach doesn’t have to yell at the media to win. He can, instead, stop and realize he’s witnessing something special with quarterback Jameis Winston. His defense will be reloaded yet again, and he’ll have five seniors along the offensive line to protect Winston.

“I like our football team. I think we’re a talented football team,” Fisher told Stewart Mandel of SI.com. “This team is three and a half months old. I like the talent level of it, definitely, but I also like the personality of it.”

It’s not like Jimbo has any reason to be angry or bitter, but then again, neither does Saban. Both have perennially loaded squads, yet only one is a jerk about it.

I’ll take Fisher over Saban, even if Little Nicky has a few more rings.

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