Baseball’s best team would be undefeated, if not for the Braves

AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps
AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps

It’s been a long time since the Milwaukee Brewers were Major League Baseball’s best team.

However, after nearly two weeks of the 2014 season, the Brewers have the best record in baseball. At 9-2, Milwaukee boasts an eight-game winning streak heading into Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The only team to beat the Brewers so far this season? The Atlanta Braves.

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It occurred during the opening series last week. The Braves dropped the first game and then won the next two to take the series at Miller Park. Perhaps the Braves didn’t know then how big a deal that was, but it’s becoming more evident with each dominant Milwaukee victory.

Since dropping that series to the Braves, the Brewers have swept the Red Sox and Phillies and are one win away from sweeping the Pirates as well. As a team, they’re batting .277, which is the second-best team batting average in the National League, behind only the Colorado Rockies.

National League Batting Averages

So, what does this say about the Braves?

It’s early in the season, so we should be slightly guarded about overstating just how good the Brewers are. An eight-game winning streak means very little in April. But if the Brewers can parlay an early-season winning streak into prolonged success, the Braves’ series win will remain an impressive showing for Atlanta in a big road series.

Meanwhile, with a victory Saturday night against Washington, the Braves are now tied with the Nationals for first place in the East. The Braves have scored the fewest runs of any team in the division (36), but continue to get solid outings from the starting pitchers and continue to get timely hitting from Freddie Freeman and Chris Johnson. B.J. and Justin Upton, as well as Jason Heyward, are showing signs of getting the bats going, and they’ll go for a sweep of the Nats Sunday afternoon.

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