Atlanta’s Sweetwater Brewery is in rarified air

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Raise a glass to one of the biggest craft breweries in America, located right here in Atlanta.

Sweetwater Brewery is now the No. 19 craft brewery in the United States in terms of yearly beer production, according to an Atlanta Business Chronicle report.

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The list was created by the Brewers Association after gathering the production totals of all craft breweries from 2013. Boston Beer Co., maker of Samuel Adams beers, took the top spot.

But Sweetwater continues to be on the rise, up five spots on the list after ranking 24th a year before. With 144,000 barrels of beer sold in 2013, Sweetwater produced 32 percent more than its 2012 output.

The increased production was due in part to a $19 million expansion completed in 2013. The Atlanta Business Chronicle also said the brewery began selling its beer in three new states last year, and by the end of 2014, you’ll be able to buy Sweetwater in 12 states.

Cheers, Sweetwater!

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