Here’s the new FSU logo that made fans lose their minds

FSU logo change

Prepare to change your entire wardrobe, Florida State fans.

I wrote that with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but some Florida State fans are quite disturbed by this week’s news that the FSU logo will be altered from the one we’ve come to love over several decades. The new logo is pictured to the right, and the old one can be viewed on the home page, if you need to compare the two.

Needless to say, a lot of FSU fans don’t like change. A Facebook page has been launched to save the old logo, saying in the bio, “Unfortunately, this attempted update isn’t wanted or needed.”

At the risk of sounding like a progressive (vomit) who supports constant and unabashed change, I have no issue with the logo changes. The “Florida State” in the mascot’s feather was hard to read and has been replaced by the “FSU” most of us sport on our shirts and elsewhere. The new logo appears to be laughing at our haters, which I also love to do.

And the new logo has teeth, which will set it apart from most of North Florida’s residents.

In my opinion, the changes aren’t all that noticeable other than that, and fans will get used to the logo and won’t even look twice at it. This would only shock people who don’t have Facebook: At first, change doesn’t usually go over all that well.

FSU fans will still buy all the memorabilia, even if it features a different-looking Seminole. Of course, I would have campaigned for the change to feature Red Lightning:

But that’s a debate for a different time.

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