Why I’m just about done with ‘The Walking Dead’

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While I’m going to discuss tidbits of Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead” episode, I don’t even think I need to start this piece with a warning about spoilers because nothing really happened in the episode that’s worth spoiling.

That might be a good place to start – I’m close to quitting “The Walking Dead” because I’m struggling to convince myself it’s worth an hour of my time, week in and week out. The series has certainly gone through lulls in the three-plus seasons it’s been on the air, but few episodes have seemed as pointless as the ones they’re trotting out lately.

I don’t necessarily watch this show for the zombie-killing; The violence is a little extreme for my taste at times. I enjoy the pursuit of basic necessities and the occasional war between surviving groups. Post-apocalypse television keeps me interested, unless it’s the crap they’ve been pushing on recent Sunday nights on AMC.

Carl’s an angsty little kid, Beth has been on a hunt for alcohol like a girl who just walked onto a college campus for the first time, and Herschel’s … dead. Nothing about that is satisfying.

The gang really needs to get back together. I like the way they interact, and splitting them up hasn’t been the same.

If I do walk away from “The Walking Dead,” it would be a tough call, because it’s the one series my fiancee and I watch every week. We’ve been watching it together for more than two years, and we stuck it out when the gang was sitting around on the farm doing next to nothing, like they’re doing in the show right now.

But it seems like even less is happening in Season 4, and it’s becoming an unfulfilling way to end each weekend. The characters are just wandering around like zombies.