If every Major League Baseball team had a food-related cap …

On the heels of the Philadelphia Phillies’ AAA affiliate, the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs, announcing on Monday it would have hats with a piece of bacon in the new line of uniforms, the fine folks at The Crawfish Boxes decided to have a little fun.

If you don’t know – and I didn’t until today – The Crawfish Boxes is the Houston Astros’ SB Nation website, and they put together a truly awesome lineup of all 30 Major League Baseball franchises and what their culinary cap would look like. After going through all 30, I believe nearly all are spot-on, and the 30 food choices would make for a heck of a buffet line.

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The divisions are listed below, and all credit for the idea and photos goes to CrawfishBoxes.com. I think they nailed the Braves’ food, and I’d also like to shout out the Cardinals, Rockies, Rays and Indians, because those are just the best.

NL East
NL Central
NL West
AL East
AL Central
AL West