My personal wish list for the new Braves Stadium FanPlex

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When the Atlanta Braves move into their new Cobb County stadium in 2017, a $400 million entertainment complex will accompany it. The franchise is still listening to plans from potential designers and builders, according to a Curbed Atlanta report, but I already have a few hopes for the shops and methods of entertainment in the FanPlex.

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Here’s what I want to surround the new stadium when we finally have a fun area to hang out around the ballpark for the first time in franchise history.

Taco Mac: This is a big deal. I want to be able to go down to the stadium on some nights to just have dinner and watch the game without going into the park, and Taco Mac is the ideal eatery/beer-a-palooza to make that happen. It would also be a much-needed Taco Mac for an area that doesn’t have one. It would do great business during college football season, long after baseball has ended. Do it, Braves.

Local breweries: Pair up with decent chefs and build a couple of bars around the stadium. Sweetwater, Monday Night Brewing, Red Brick, let’s get this done. Make sure there’s an awesome rooftop and do brunch on weekends. I’ll spend my money to have a burger and a beer before Sunday afternoon home games, and it should be a good, local beer. And speaking of burgers …

Holeman and Finch: Make one of those world-famous burgers readily available outside the stadium. Turner Field currently offers them inside the stadium, but I want to be able to chow down on one 365 days a year. Yes, I’m a realist, and I understand this isn’t likely to happen. So give me a Five Guys if H&F isn’t possible, because there will be times I’ll want a quick, tasty burger before going to the game if I’m cutting it close to 7:05 p.m.

Mini golf: C’mon, what’s more fun than getting a quick 18 holes in before first pitch? Is this only on my list because I haven’t been in a while? Maybe. But still … Putt Putt!

(Updated) Fox Bros. BBQ: I forgot to list this one, and it was just eating at me (no pun intended). Gotta have a BBQ sammy every now and then before a ballgame. It’s just necessary sometimes.

What is on your wish list? Leave me your ideas in the comments below.