Repent, Georgians, for the end is nigh

AP Photo/David Tulis
AP Photo/David Tulis

If you live in Georgia, it might be time to pray or whatever it is you do.

Three weeks ago, many of Atlanta’s residents probably thought the world was ending when a crippling gridlock event occurred during the city’s first winter storm in three years. Walking down icy roads in 15-degree weather and leaving their cars behind in ditches or parking lots, there were probably a lot of, “Why, God?” questions being offered up.

This week, it happened again. Not the gridlock and aimless wandering of thousands of Atlanta residents, but the winter weather. This time, it was more of an ice storm with a little bit of snow, and it hit hardest to the east of Atlanta. In that regard, the two storms really spread out the pain and suffering all over the state.

(Photos: Here’s how the latest winter storm looked in Atlanta)

And then, on Friday night, the state started shaking, but not from chilly temperatures. It was because of a 4.1-magnitude earthquake.

True, Georgia can’t claim ownership of this quake – the epicenter was located in South Carolina. But it was close enough to the Georgia state line that it was felt by a lot of Georgians, too, and that was enough to make a lot of people wonder what weird weather phenomenon was coming next.

Now, I’m not going to assume there’s any particular reason why the Peach State has upset God. No, I would never do that.

But it does seem a little bit like weird timing for all these weird events.

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