Photos: Another winter storm hits the South

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Welp, it happened again.

After a wild snowstorm shut Atlanta down just a few weeks ago, the city was staring a massive ice storm in the face once more. We heard catastrophic forecasts, and in some areas, they were spot-on.

Luckily, my area of town didn’t see as much ice as we could have, and our lights stayed on. Hundreds of thousands weren’t as lucky as us, though.

The sleet began to fall early Wednesday morning, and by the time I woke up, it had coated the ground. I had never seen sleet accumulate as much as it did, and by Wednesday night, the ground had been covered up by this weird, Sno-Cone-like iciness.

Then, the snow came overnight Wednesday, and whatever was left exposed by the sleet was blanketed by snow.

We’ve had all kinds of weird wintry accumulations over the last month, but that’s part of living in the South. It’s quite a challenge for treating the roads, too, because it’s hard to keep people on the roads when you don’t know how to attack whatever weird mixture of snow and ice is coming.

All things considered, Atlanta handled this event much better than the Snowpocalypse seen a few weeks ago. And may this be winter’s last gasp, because I’m ready for sunny and 79.

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