This map shows which NFL team is most popular in your county

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NFL fans are pretty vocal about their allegiances.

Thus, the folks at Facebook had little trouble compiling a map of each United States county and which team the majority of fans cheer for in each of those counties. A few states stand unanimously behind one team, but for the most part, each state is a tapestry of fanhood.

Florida is one of the best examples of a state that can’t get on a single bandwagon, and rightfully so. They’re home to three NFL franchises – the Jacksonville Jaguars, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Miami Dolphins – but transplants from the North make it an even more colorful mess. Fans of the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers all make their presence known in the Sunshine State, among others.

That’s why it’s a truly unique experience to go to a sports bar in Florida on an NFL Sunday. Nearly every team will be represented, and you get to see the passion of each fanbase.

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Super Bowl XLVIII kicks off Sunday night, and it’s interesting to see the way the two opponents dominate much of the West. The Denver Broncos own all but one Colorado county and the entire state of Wyoming. Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks have put down their flag in all of Washington and big chunks of Idaho and Oregon.

Ownership of the most states belongs to the New England Patriots, who lay claim to five states and would own a sixth, Connecticut, if it weren’t for that pesky county in the southwestern part of the state that rolls with New York City and the Giants.

Atlanta, of course, is Falcons territory, no matter how much your Northern friends may deny it.

(Hat tip to the Washington Post‘s Wonkblog)

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