Atlanta is closed to new residents until further notice

Sorry folks, Atlanta’s closed … the moose out front should’ve told you.

For the fourth consecutive year, Atlanta has ranked at the top of Penske’s list of the top moving destinations. The news confirms what we already knew – Atlanta is full.

This comes as no surprise to anyone who has driven the city’s streets during Rush Hour. Our roads continue to get more and more clogged, and it’s causing us to have to leave earlier for work, dinner or sporting events. It’s brutal.

So if you’re considering a move to our fair city, can I maybe suggest Denver or Chicago instead? I hear they’re really disappointed about their lower rankings on Penske’s list, so cheer them up by sending a moving truck their way!

(Watch this: A Coke can is no match for a lava flow)

As of July 2013, Georgia was just 8,000 people shy of hitting the 10 million resident mark, and Atlanta contains a large chunk of that population. The city wasn’t built for that kind of booming population, so it began to expand further and further in every direction. Every day, most of those people funnel into the same area, and it’s a complete mess.

I definitely see the draw to our little Southern town, but I think we should close the gates for a while.

Below is the map of Penske’s top 10 moving destinations in America, and you can read the full release here.

Penske Moving Map

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