This pizza map will show what’s most popular in your area

I love maps.

When I find a cool map website, I can spend 30 minutes or more just poking around, soaking up as much as I can. It doesn’t even have to be complex data – pretty much anything fascinates me if it’s mapped out in a unique way.

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Take, for example, pizzas. It’s neat to see what brand of pizza each slice of the United States prefers, and the folks at Flowing Data mapped out the tastes of our nation.

As best as I can tell, downtown Atlanta appears to be Pizza Hut Country, but the suburbs side with several other brands. Domino’s, Papa John’s and even Cici’s appear to have claimed their own territories in the Atlanta area.

The map is below, and while I’m a fan of Pizza Hut and other chains every now and then, there are so many other good options to get a slice of pie in our fair city.

Map created by
Map created by

Hat tip to the Washington Post

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