Images from the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s ‘Garden Lights, Holiday Nights’

Note: For best viewing experience, click on the first photo and scroll through the gallery using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

This time of year, the Atlanta Botanical Garden knows how to put on a holiday show, and its penultimate act was Friday night.

The third-annual “Garden Nights, Holiday Lights” experience ran from Nov. 16 through Jan. 4, and we finally had a free night to check it out. We’ve been each of the last two years and it never disappoints.

Containing more than a million lights, according to the website, it was the perfect place to get one final night of cheer out of the 2013 holiday season. There was a decent attendance for the chilly event, but we never felt crowded on the expansive property.

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There were orchestral orbs (seen in the first and third photos of the gallery above), an ice goddess and massive cobras. In some areas, the Midtown skyline peeked just above the light display, providing a perfect marriage of holiday cheer with the big city I love.

Make a mental note to get tickets for this event next year if you can’t make it to the final night on Saturday. It won’t break your budget and makes for a perfect event to enjoy the spirit of the holidays.

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