It’s about to get really cold up in here

It’s time for some hard truths.

If my memory is correct, the coldest temperature I’ve ever experienced is six degrees, one brutal morning several years ago in Atlanta.

And to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never been sledding in snow.

The sledding streak will definitely continue, but my coldest temperature record is at risk in the coming days. There’s some serious cold coming to the Deep South.

At this writing, the forecast calls for a low of 11 degrees in Marietta, Ga. on Monday night. That has continued to drift lower and lower in the past few days – a trend that is likely to continue.

Since I work around meteorologists, I see a lot of forecast models on social media and in person. These models help the meteorologists make forecasts after weighing several other factors the computers can’t read. And the models have consistently projected a single-digit low temperature in the Atlanta area for Monday night (and below-zero lows as far south as the North Georgia mountains), so it’s very possible it could happen.

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For my readers who live well north of Atlanta, you can probably guess what this means for you – low temperatures that dip below zero, and even some highs that don’t make it above zero. Some towns may spend several days below zero, threatening record lows and maybe even some of the coldest high temperatures on record.

At least one NFL playoff game will also be quite chilly this weekend, as the San Francisco 49ers venture to Green Bay to take on the Packers.

So grab your sleds, if you’re lucky enough. Like always, I’ll sit that one out, but maybe, for the first time in my life, I’ll get to experience what temperatures below five degrees feel like.

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