This was named the most embarrassing moment in TV history

If you’ve watched “The Office,” you’re fully aware Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell, is the King of Awkward.

But his coronation occurred Dec. 3, 2009, when the show’s plot centered around “Scott’s Tots,” a group of less-fortunate children to whom he promised free college tuition 10 years prior. Now, about to graduate from high school, it was time for the kids to collect on the promise, and Scott didn’t have any way to pay up.

The moment when he told the high schoolers he would be backing out on his guarantee was recently named the most embarrassing moment in television history by

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“This entire episode is difficult to watch from start to finish, and proves to us that Michael Scott is to awkward situations what Alfred Hitchcock was to the suspense genre: an unparalleled master whose contributions will be studied for years to come,” said the website’s review of the painful moment, and it’s entirely true.

A clip from that episode is below, and you can watch the actual moment voted Most Embarrassing here. Do you think it was the most embarrassing moment in TV history? Leave me your pick in the comments below if you disagree.

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