If the four-team playoff started in 2013, check out the BCS mess we’d have

AP Photo/Wily Low
AP Photo/Wily Low

It’ll all get better with the four-team college football playoff, they said.

But if you look at the current situation with two weeks to go in the current regular season and plugged the BCS playoff into the madness, it’s just as bad. Sure, you have the three undefeateds – Alabama, Florida State and Ohio State – penciled in, provided they don’t slip up down the stretch.

Now, who gets the fourth spot?

There’s no shortage of options and, therefore, fan bases that would be trying to make a case for their school this morning. There’s the two lower-ranked undefeateds, Northern Illinois and Fresno State, who’d believe they deserve a shot. If Alabama held up as the No. 1 seed, I’m sure fans of the Crimson Tide would be fine with either of those teams being their first-round matchup.

Then, there’s a slew of 1-loss teams who would argue they should get a chance, too. Clemson’s only loss is to No. 2 FSU, so they would be deserving of a spot in the Final Four. Baylor and Oklahoma State have survived the Big 12 schedule nearly unscathed, so they’d want in as well. And what about Michigan State? They have one of the best defenses in the nation and would be a handful in a playoff.

As for the SEC one-loss schools, there are elimination games coming up for either in our fictional playoff. Auburn plays Alabama next Saturday, so the loser would be out, and if Alabama survives the Iron Bowl, they’d have to take down once-beaten Missouri with the winner moving into the playoff.

Of course, if Alabama slipped up in either game, it’s likely many voters would find a way to keep the Tide in the field, setting up a possible FSU-OSU-Auburn/Missouri-Alabama field. Or there could be no SEC teams at all; They just might beat each other up until there are no teams in the playoff.

But I think we’re all smarter than that. We know that would never happen because #OMGSECSPEED.

Let’s all get excited for the new drama in 2014!

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