Watch this: You’re really easy to stalk on social media

The video above is all the proof you need that you probably post too much information publicly on social media sites.

Comedian Jack Vale shot this video as a statement that you can learn a lot about random strangers simply based on the information they post on Instagram photos or in a Facebook status. I would never approach random strangers and tell them things about themselves that would creep them out, and neither would you, but by now, you’ve probably figured out it would be really easy to do because we’ll post pretty much anything about our lives for the world to see.

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After you watch Vale’s video, you might be inclined to change some of your privacy settings tonight.

Let me know: Will this video make you change some of your posting habits on social media sites, or are you cool with running the risk of randos getting their hands on your personal thoughts or information? I’m generally okay with my comments or photos being seen and/or shared, but I also understand the other side of the argument, so be sure to tell me what you think!

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