Don’t go Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving

David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images
David Gannon/AFP/Getty Images

Thanksgiving is supposed to be spent with loved ones, but some retailers disagree.

A fairly long list of stores will be opening Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night this year, forcing employees to leave their families right in the middle of their tryptophan coma and head to work in the evening. It’s a pretty sad development that shows there’s no holiday left on the calendar sacred enough to close up shop so employees can enjoy it with friends and family.

Coming from someone who frequently works holidays, this might not mean much. But I chose to work in media, and I understand news doesn’t take holidays.

On the other hand, retail employees have never had to worry about working Thanksgiving. It appears that’s changing in 2013, however.

Consider skipping Black Friday shopping on Thursday night. If shoppers stay home with their families and don’t turn Thanksgiving into Black Thursday, a new, lousy tradition may be short-lived.

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Here’s a list of retailers that will be open the night of Thanksgiving (according to – do what you wish with this information, but please don’t make this a popular shopping day:

– Wal-Mart
– Target
– Best Buy
– Sears
– Macy’s
– Kohl’s
– J.C. Penney
– The Gap
– Some Apple stores (according to reports elsewhere)

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