Daylight Saving Time: Should we switch to two time zones?

Proposed Time Zones ( photo)

Early Sunday morning, Daylight Saving Time will end. So we’ll turn our clocks back an hour, and it’ll get dark way too early.

It’s a pain in the you-know-what, mostly because you’ll be ready to pass out from exhaustion at 6:30 p.m. every day for the next two weeks until you get used to the change…err…lack of sunlight.

I read a Quartz article that made a great case for eliminating Daylight Saving Time altogether, but the piece went a step further.

Writer Allison Schrager wanted to reduce the number of time zones in the contiguous United States to two – Eastern and Western.

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The examples she used to back up her idea are solid. Much of the Central Time Zone already plays by our rules in the East, so they wouldn’t have to do much adjusting. The professionals in some industries out west live on Eastern time as well, so being on the back end of the new-look Western Time Zone wouldn’t be so bad, either.

Plus, West Coasters will only be one hour behind the opposite coast instead of three. No more tape delays on TV, and time adjustments during travel wouldn’t hurt as much.

At the very least, we need to shed our ties to Daylight Saving Time because there’s little need for it in 2013. But if we thought long and hard about getting rid of a few time zones as well, would it make our lives any worse?

What do you think?

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