How to use the new Breslanta

Welcome to the new-look!

If you’re a loyal reader of my site, let me say thanks for your readership, first and foremost. Without you, I wouldn’t have a reason to write every day after coming home from nine hours at my writing job.

Now to the big news – after a lengthy run with an older layout, I’d like to introduce you to the shiny new Breslanta. Bigger pictures, more space devoted to my writing and, hopefully, a better experience for you.

So here are a few pieces of the site that have changed with the new layout.

A less-cluttered home page

If you frequented the old Breslanta home page, there were a lot of story links. Pictures to preview the articles were small, and they were often cropped in an ugly fashion as they were pushed down the page to make room for newer content. That isn’t the case anymore – you’ll see big, beautiful images featuring my newest articles, so there’s no confusing what you’re about to read.

The navigation bar follows you

That bar at the top of the page will follow you as you scroll down. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that’s pretty neat. Also, my “Published Writing” tab, which is a page that provides links to many of my articles written in my professional career, gets its own link now. The site’s previous design didn’t allow enough room for that, so be sure to check it out, as I try to keep it updated as frequently as possible.

Everything is bigger

It’s not just the images that got a boost. Videos will post larger as well. Font is larger, so you won’t have to squint to read it. Additionally, it stretches across the entire page, as I’ve pushed down distracting links (more on that shortly) and advertisements. It is my hope that this will make for a better user experience, and it will be more fun to visit Breslanta!

Handy links are now at the bottom

If you’d like to subscribe to my blog, scroll down below any article and you will find the button there. You’ll also find more helpful links, like other sites you should check out, and a search bar to quickly find past Breslanta articles or popular posts.

Poke around and let me know what you think of the new layout. Hopefully, your reaction will be more like this:

Than this:

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