Lock it down: FSU does a postgame hype video like no other

It’s a little spooky how well a Tallahassee, Fla. sports host’s words lined up with the actual outcome of the Florida State vs. Clemson game over the weekend.

His name is Jeff Cameron, and his weekday afternoon sports show that bears his name is the biggest source of FSU knowledge and analysis on the radio in Tallahassee. He once hired me as an intern (actually, it was his producer, Matt Millar, that hired me, but Jeff decided I was good enough to keep around), and he has quite the following from the Seminole faithful across the country.

According to the YouTube video’s publisher, the words in the video above were uttered by Cameron during his Oct. 14 broadcast of the show, nearly a week before the game was played. As you’ll hear, Cameron’s prognostications are pretty close to what actually happened in the game.

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The video is very well-produced, and it’s a great look back at what may be FSU’s finest (four) hour(s) of the 2013 season. It put them on the fast track to the national title game, if they can continue to win football games and get a little help.

One thing’s for sure – though UGA may have won the title for the best pregame hype video, Florida State’s postgame hype video is just as good.

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