Watch this: Go the speed limit, shut down a highway

It’s amazing how much obeying the rules can slow everyone down these days.

But if you’ve ever driven on I-285 around the perimeter of Atlanta, you understand how hard it is to stay at or below the speed limit of 55 miles per hour. In fact, it’s downright unnecessary.

Above is a 2006 video study from a group at Georgia State University where several students got in their cars and coordinated a way to slow down one direction of a busy interstate — they drove the speed limit.

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As you’ll see, it was actually pretty dangerous. People turned aggressive because they couldn’t drive 75 or 80 like they usually do on I-285.

There’s good news for people who want to drive faster on the highway: According to a WSB broadcast I watched a week ago, I-285’s speed limit will increase to 65 mph by the end of the year for the stretch south of I-20, and the rest of the highway is expected to increase to 65 mph in 2014.

Happy driving, speed demons.

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