Here’s what the average citizen thinks about Obamacare

It’s not a huge surprise that we’re about as uninformed of an American public as we’ve ever been on the political front. Yet it’s clear the NSA isn’t on Facebook, because if they were, they’d have all the answers to the shutdown, because all of our friends are total experts on the subject!

Case in point: Jimmy Kimmel, as he (or his writers) is so good at doing, went out on the streets of Los Angeles to ask them a simple question — do you prefer Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act? Then, the interviewer asked the same people why they prefer one over the other, and the answers were fairly frustrating to ingest.

Mostly because they didn’t make any damn sense.

Spoiler alert: Obamacare is the nickname for the Affordable Care Act, so the two titles refer to the same government-run healthcare system that has been the centerpiece of a government shutdown for two days and counting.

Brilliant, folks.

Enjoy the video above, and please read up on the topics of the day, because you never know when a camera and microphone will be shoved in your face. Don’t make us all look dumb.

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