Top 25 football programs ranked by smarts

Some colleges are good at football, while others are good at academics.

And some are good at both.

U.S. News & World Report recently released its annual rankings of the best universities in the nation, Nearly 1,800 schools were ranked, and the best were not too surprising — Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford made up the top five, in order from best to fifth.

But only one of those schools is competing for a national title in college football this season.

Naturally, the Stanford Cardinal are the class of college football when it comes to academics and on-the-field performance (and I’d like to beat my chest for a second and note that we got one of their own: FSU quarterback phenom Jameis Winston was accepted to Stanford, but decided to attend Florida State anyway), ranked in the top 5 of the Associated Press football poll heading into Saturday.

Below is a chart that shows where each nationally-ranked university sits in the big picture of academic rankings, according to (the closer to the top and right of the chart, the better). Are you surprised by how your alma mater sizes up, good or bad?

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