Here’s why the Saints truly suck

Scott Fujita, who just wanted you to feel bad for him when he was targeted (heh heh, targeted) during the New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal.

Only one fanbase claims to “own the division,” and it’s not the one who won the division two of the last three seasons

NFC South standings 2012

NFC South standings 2010

Even Drew Brees emphatically proclaimed, “We own this division, and they know it,” before last season’s Falcons/Saints game in the Georgia Dome. Then, he played the worst game of his career:
Drew Brees stats vs. Falcons

Their players went all “drama queen” on us when their bus was hit by a few eggs at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport last season:

Their head coach looks like the illegitimate child of Glenn Beck and Urban Meyer

Glenn Beck/Urban Meyer


Sean Payton

Maybe they’ll pay their power bill and keep the lights on this season

The Saints stumbled upon a Super Bowl win a few years ago, and dammit, their fans are going to hold on to that little accomplishment FOR THE NEXT 60 YEARS.

Saints fan ring head

Saints fan ring head

But we need you, Saints fans. You’re the bait to our trolldom. And you smell like corndogs, cheap booze and shame.