Elliot Johnson’s postgame interview will crack you up

There’s no doubt the Atlanta Braves need a little comic relief after a rash of injuries have plagued the team all season.

So they brought a new face into the clubhouse in recent weeks, Elliot Johnson, to provide a little extra hilarity, and he hasn’t disappointed. He came from the Kansas City Royals, a team that has stunk for years and probably has a light-hearted clubhouse as a result. With the Braves being more than a dozen games up in the division and the team having a need for a speedy utility player, Johnson seemed like the perfect fit.

And that was before we knew about his funny side.

In Tuesday night’s victory over the Cleveland Indians, Johnson had a pretty little triple in the second inning, scoring what would be the game’s only two runs. Naturally, Braves reporter Tom Hart asked Johnson about that play, and his answer is very Ricky Bobby-esque. Check out the clip above.

Oh, and he does a mean Harry Caray impression, too.

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