Georgia Tech student gives epic convocation speech

Nicholas Selby didn’t want to be just another boring convocation speaker when he took the podium to address the incoming class of Georgia Tech freshmen. No … he wanted to be far more memorable than that.

In a two-minute YouTube clip that began in typical “rah-rah” form and ended with him dropping the mic, Selby gave us a glimpse into one of the stereotypes that pervades GT’s Atlanta campus — the nerdy, energetic, funny guy that we all know and love. I see a little bit of myself in this kid.

Let’s not waste any more time. To the video:

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I applaud Selby for giving these mostly-15-or-16-year-old prodigies a glance at the characters they’ll be sharing classes with for their first schooling experience away from home. Because let’s be honest, most of Tech’s students were homeschooled, and this is what they’ll be seeing for the next four (or eight) years of their lives.

Godspeed, Nicholas. Maybe I’ll have time to dissect those hilarious yellow hats in a future blog. Or the professor’s wonderful neckerchief.

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