What is Facebook becoming?

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Good technology morphs over time and adjusts to the desires of the user. So with Facebook, it’s good to see users trying to use it in new ways to test its boundaries.

I’m just not sure we’ll have a use for it in a few years.

In the beginning (and I mean 2005), there was this wonderful “new” social media site which became available to me when I went off to college. I had a new way to keep up with friends and fellow classmates, and it was a pure form of social media. We got to share our own photos, thoughts and even content.

But now, as Facebook has grown to include everything else, it seems to just be a list of people sharing content from other places instead of creating it.

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That’s fine, if it’s what you’re looking for. It’s like a content aggregator, managed by your friends. You get to see what’s interesting to them, like cats or babies or politics.

On the other hand, I’d estimate about 60 to 70 percent of what I see on my Facebook news feed is stuff from other social media sites. It’s someone’s Tweet that auto-posts to Facebook or a list of photos someone just “liked” on Instagram. It could be a video they just posted on Vine or a recipe they just added to their Pinterest page.

But none of that is from Facebook — it was just dumped there.

I’m guilty of it, too. I post links to my blogs and articles on Facebook in an attempt to collect more readers and maintain a solid following of friends and family. I also post statuses three or four times a week, which is usually the only personal content you can find from me on Facebook.

That, my friends, is why I see Facebook dying.

Months or years ago, we were newbies on other social media sites. We needed Facebook to keep track of what was being posted elsewhere and find friends to follow on Twitter, Instagram or Vine. But now, we have established those connections, and seeing the same photos or videos on Facebook can be overkill.

Maybe we don’t really need Facebook anymore. It’s definitely something to think about.

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