Here’s sign No. 36 you grew up in Atlanta

This morning, we Atlantans had no idea our Facebook feeds were about to become a united front of homeland pride. But Buzzfeed wanted to make it happen, and so it was.

They released the “35 Signs You Grew Up in Atlanta.

It was a smorgasbord of nostalgia — reasons why the transplants should move back and a few reasons why we’d like to get the hell out. As they’re wont to do, Buzzfeed compiled a perfect list.

Well, almost perfect.

I had to add a 36th sign you grew up in Atlanta:

Atlanta Buzzfeed

19. Freaking. Posts. And that doesn’t even begin to count the people who shared it from each person who posted it.

I haven’t seen that kind of activity on a single piece of content since Kony 2012. So thanks, Buzzfeed.

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