Braves don’t waffle, thanks to Turner Field WaHo

OK, so it wasn't in the field of play, but Atlanta was enthralled with Turner Field's newest eatery, and even better – after the Waffle House opened, the Braves embarked on an amazing 14-game winning streak, essentially putting away the NL East in early-August.

On the baseball field, the smallest change in chemistry can change an entire season.

Even if that chemistry is served smothered and covered.

And while the Atlanta Braves have spent years surrounding the fans with local eateries like Chick-Fil-A, Holeman & Finch and Taco Mac, there was always a sad little void in all of our hearts.

With all due respect to those three fantastic eateries, nothing has classed up the joint quite like the Waffle House that opened inside Turner Field last Friday evening. The Braves are a perfect 5-0 with that buttery, sugary smell pervading the ballpark. It’s almost like the team plays better when they’re all jacked up on one of the best smells in the world.

(Atlantans know that’s absolutely true.)

The sky’s the limit for the Braves-WaHo marriage. Could we be eating waffles and hash browns to stay warm in October during the World Series? Could the lone Waffle House stand become so popular that they have to install a stand at every section in the ballpark, as they did at every southern Interstate exit?

Yes and yes.

Section 130 is your ticket to snack like a true Southerner at Braves games. Don’t be surprised to see rivals try something similar in their stadiums after the way this week is panning out for the Bravos:

Courtesy of the Braves' official Instagram page
Courtesy of the Braves’ official Instagram page

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