Great news for congestion, Braves fans!

Photo by Sean Breslin
Photo by Sean Breslin

The city of Atlanta might finally be close to giving Atlanta Braves fans an easy way to get to Turner Field.

A high-speed Maglev Train could soon be in the works to transport fans to and from Turner Field if the Braves can renew their lease with the city to remain at the current stadium beyond 2016, according to a Curbed Atlanta story. There’s a very good chance the two parties will strike a deal very quickly, as you could imagine.

The train would be placed on a mile-long track connecting a local MARTA station to the Ted. Funding would come from a Madrid company, according to the Curbed report, and the project is expected to cost approximately $30 million.

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Now, I’m not naive enough to believe this will solve the traffic woes of Braves games, one of the biggest problems surrounding the gameday environment (along with viable options for fun before and after games). But to see the Braves acknowledge the headaches in travel and make initial steps to combat the issue is a very positive sign.

Maglev Trains utilize magnets to allow for high speeds and smooth travel (think “magnetic levitation;” hence, Maglev). They’re expensive to construct, but require little maintenance — perfect for transporting large crowds, as the fear of trains breaking down would be minimal. The proposed trains would be able to transport 200 fans at a time and would take just two minutes to deliver passengers between the two points.

Thoughts, Braves fans?

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