Top football programs ranked by social media presence

UGA Football

There’s probably no perfect way to measure the most rabid fan bases in college football, but TicketCity seems to think its formula is pretty good.

Using metrics from social media as well as stats like attendance and home game ticket prices, the online ticket broker ranked the top 25 universities’ football programs to find out who has the most engaged fan base.

Not surprisingly, the list looks a lot like your average top-25 ranking during a college football regular season — lots of household names and little else.

Below are the top 10 schools on TicketCity’s list. Mashable has the other 15 in the top-25 (spoiler for you FSU fans: we’re No. 22).

1. University of Michigan
2. Louisiana State University
3. University of Alabama
4. Ohio State University
5. Texas A&M University
6. University of Nebraska
7. University of Oklahoma
8. University of Texas
9. University of Georgia
10. University of Florida

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