A trade and a fire, 20 years later

Fulton County Stadium Fire

The Atlanta Braves gave the sports world plenty of fireworks on July 20, 1993.

In the midst of a playoff race that would end with the San Francisco Giants winning 103 games and still missing the playoffs, the Braves knew they’d need to add a superstar to the mix to have a chance. So they traded for first baseman Fred McGriff — a piece that would end up being crucial for the team’s 1995 World Series run.

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And that was only half of the story that day.

Later that hot July afternoon, just two hours before the Braves were to play the St. Louis Cardinals, a fire broke out in the luxury and press boxes at Fulton County Stadium, giving us one of the most surreal images inside a baseball stadium in the history of the game.

Imagine what Twitter would have been like if it existed that afternoon.

I was six years old at the time and vividly remember going to a game just days after the fire. The press box was torched, one of those moments I’ll never forget. It was so wild.

To honor the two-decade anniversary of the bizarre event, FOX-5 produced a wonderful video package that looks back at July 20, 1993. I encourage you to spend a few minutes watching it.

If you’re more of the reading type, check out this piece from ESPN about the 1993 pennant race between the Braves and Giants.

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