Which Braves jersey has been most successful in 2013?

Clothes don’t make the man, just like they don’t make the team better. But one uniform combination has been pretty dadgum successful in 2013 for the Atlanta Braves.

Chris Creamer of SportsLogos.net has compiled the records of several franchises in each of the uniforms they’ve worn in 2013, and the Braves were one of the teams under his spotlight. Creamer’s findings landed on cream as the color of choice for the Braves, at least if they want to win:

SportsLogos.net Photo
SportsLogos.net Photo

There’s an explanation for the success of the cream uniforms — the team wears them for Saturday and Sunday home games. At 31-15, the Braves have the best home record in the majors at the All-Star Break. So it makes perfect sense that those threads are the best bet for the Bravos.

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If you were a superstitious person, you’d insist that the team starts wearing the cream uniforms on the road. But then, they would probably become less successful. Since they’ll probably remain Saturday and Sunday home-game attire only, we should be proud of the team for being so efficient in the games they should win. It allows a lot more room for error on the road.

But maybe it’s time to consider rolling with the creams exclusively when the postseason begins, God-willing.

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