My final plea to Atlanta and the Braves

On several occasions, I’ve blogged about the need for the city of Atlanta to step up their game and surround Turner Field with eateries and bars that would keep the young-ish fan base entertained long before and after the game has ended. So before I post my final request to the city and the Braves, just know that I’m sorry for repeating myself.

But I saw something during my trip to Denver that you have to know about.

Surrounding Coors Field are a collection of bars, restaurants and breweries that are open even when the team isn’t in town. However, when the Rockies are in Denver, I have to imagine each eatery is hopping.

(Photos: Hanging out in the Coors Field dugout)

Below is Google’s list of bars near the stadium, and this doesn’t include restaurants:

Food near Coors Field

A buddy and I had lunch on Saturday afternoon at one of those restaurants, The Tavern, and had this fine view:

Coors Field

Turner Field is basically the anti-Coors Field, and that’s unfortunate. The first person to put a successful bar/brewery/restaurant near Turner Field would be rolling in money. The ones who follow would turn it into a trendy destination for baseball fans, before and after games.

There are now several successful breweries in Atlanta that could help sustain this movement. They could either open bars next to the stadium or supply beer to the restaurants that build. Young adults in Atlanta love Sweetwater and Monday Night Brewing, and it would be great for their business.

They could totally transform that area.

Ambitious entrepreneurs should see this as an opportunity. If they don’t get it, they should go to Denver or St. Louis and check out the local bar scene after a ballgame. It’s a perfect way to revitalize city blocks near the stadium and allow adults to have a place similar to the Chop House to go after the game to keep the party going.

Let’s do this already.

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