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With respect to Folgers, Timehop is the best part of waking up. Every morning, Timehop combs through your social media sites and pulls posts from exactly one year ago, two years ago, three years ago and so on.

You get to see what you were thinking about when you were fresh out of college, as well as reliving cool moments you might have forgotten about. And since we’re always posting about nothing but triumphs, it’s a perfectly happy way to start your day!

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Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

Your iPhone is embedded with all the necessary tools, so why not utilize those cool pieces of your phone to get a better night’s sleep?

This app tracks your movement during sleep and tells you about its quality in the morning. It also allows you to pick a 30-minute time frame in which to wake up, and it will slowly bring you back to consciousness with the soothing tones of your choosing. This app costs $0.99, but there are also free sleep-cycle apps. Just search “sleep cycle” while at the App Store and browse for your favorite.




Camera+ app

If you’re taking photos, you need a good app to edit and enhance those shots. This is a very easy one to use, and for $0.99, it gives you a lot of options, even with poorly-captured images. Whether you’re taking photos for a job or just looking to snap a few restaurant shots to post on Instagram, Camera+ is a solid choice. Plus, it’s fun to toy around and pretend you’re a real photographer! But seriously, you should have a photo editing app on your iPhone if you don’t already, and this one has been a lot of fun to use.





Roadtrippers app

Summer is here, and you’re out on the road in an area you’ve never visited. You have a little bit of extra time and you want to see something truly awesome. You think to yourself, “Man, it sure would be nice if there was an app that had a list of all the cool stuff to check out between two towns.”

Say hello to Roadtrippers.

From attractions to shopping, food to entertainment, this app gives you a complete database of everything going on in your area. Give it a download before your next trip — it might enhance your vacation!

Do you have an app that you can’t live without? Post about it below in the comments!

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