Meyer’s ’08 Florida Gators still pack the prisons

Wikimedia Commons photo
Wikimedia Commons photo

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer continues to receive plenty of attention for the last college coaching job he held.

According to a New York Times report, Meyer’s 2008 Florida Gators team that won the BCS national championship is in rarified air when it comes to being jailed. There were 121 players listed on the roster of that year’s squad, according to the report, and 41 of those players were arrested either during their tenure as a UF student or after graduating.

It’s well-understood at this point that if you’re going to win, you’re probably going to have some problem children on your roster in 21st-century college football. If the kids don’t come from bad backgrounds, they certainly think they’re above the law because they’ve spent their lives being revered by everyone in their community thanks to what they can do on a football field. Meyer’s 2008 Gators were one of the best college football teams in recent memory.

But, 34 percent of the team? That’s just mind-blowing.

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Also, I don’t think Meyer deserves blame for Aaron Hernandez running off and killing somebody (or two or three or seven people, allegedly). As someone said, Meyer refusing to bench Hernandez for two quarters of a game against Georgia didn’t turn him into a murderer.

On the other hand, Meyer is refusing to speak to media about the Hernandez situation. That’s his right, sure, but don’t you think you should say something about one of your former star players being this bad of a guy?

Then there was the news earlier this week that someone at Ohio State turned in a Florida coach for recruiting violations. Meyer denied it was him, but something about that smells fishy. A guy who used to work at the university, turning them in for violations in a year where the two might be battling for one spot in the BCS title game?


Of course, the group that has defended Meyer to the highest degree has been Ohio State fans. They desperately want to believe he’s a good guy. He’d never lie to anyone, and the stuff that happened in Gainesville would never happen in Columbus.

Sure, guys. Sure it wouldn’t.

You might want to make a few jail cells available, just in case.

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