Boston Celtics hire … BRAD STEVENS?

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey, File

Well, Brad Stevens finally got the job he’s been holding out for.

The Butler University head coach that took the Bulldogs to two consecutive national title games just a few years ago is leaving for the NBA. He accepted the vacant head coaching position with the Boston Celtics — shocking news on a Wednesday afternoon.

My immediate reaction is that this seems like an ambitious move for both sides. Stevens has seen storied programs attempt to steal him away from Butler, but this is the Celtics we’re talking about. Sure, UCLA is big news in the college game, but coaching one of the biggest franchises in professional basketball is on another planet.

The Celtics just blew up their team. They traded Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets, and they’re going to be rebuilding for a while. That probably won’t do Stevens any favors, but it gives him a lot less to lose at the same time. If he really wants to coach in the pros, he can fail at this job and still find work in the future. No matter what happens, I’m sure he’d have plenty of colleges after his services if he decides to return to the NCAA.

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It’s going to be very challenging for Stevens, though. I’ve always felt like his coaching style was best suited for motivating kids that were passed over by top-notch programs and turning them into a winning unit. This is the NBA — coaches are mostly going along for the ride, and at 36 years old, he’s younger than some of the players in the league.

Good luck, Brad. You’ll need it.

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