Atlanta named one of America’s smartest cities

AP Photo/David Goldman, File
AP Photo/David Goldman, File

It’s never a bad thing when you surround yourself with the smartest people.

Congrats, beautiful babies of the ATL, because you’re pretty close to No. 1. ranked the smartest cities in the country, and Atlanta checks in at No. 4 on their list. Using criteria like universities per person, education level and libraries per person (among other factors), the site compiled a list of several dozen towns. Only Pittsburgh, Orlando and Washington, D.C. came out higher when the findings were finalized.

Honestly, it’s a little surprising because Atlanta always seems to rank low on lists like this. I always question the snubs because of the influx of highly-educated professionals, as well as the attraction of major corporations that have been bringing offices to the city in recent years.

Reasons why I don’t think we’re very smart: People driving with their flashers on during pretty much any rain storm (it’s illegal, by the way), the ability to come to a complete halt (true story … it happened to me Wednesday evening on I-285!) because there’s an accident on the other side of the highway (even when there’s a huge barrier between you and the wreck — did you think they’d lower the concrete barrier so you could get a better look?), and the fact that WE ARRESTED BATON FREAKING BOB.

But hey, it’s always nice to see this bumpkin town get a little respect.

You can see the complete list here.

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