Laid-off photographer finds a cool way to tell his story

Rob Hart photo
Rob Hart photo

It’s a good rule of thumb — if you’re looking for a career in writing, success is far more likely if you write everyday.

The same is probably true for photography, which is why Rob Hart launched a new Tumblr page, which he aptly titled “Laid off from the Sun-Times.” On May 30, the Chicago Sun-Times laid off its entire photography department. Twenty-eight full-timers, just shown the door on a Thursday morning.

Thanks, but we’ll just hire freelancers from here on out. See ya, Pulitzer Prize winners.

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As he searches for a new gig (which probably won’t take long, unless he has a very limited list of employers from which he’d accept a job), Hart is posting images of his unemployment, in his own artistic style, of course, to his Tumblr page. It’s a sobering glimpse at reality in the media, where some of the most talented storytellers in the world are being escorted out of newsrooms, their email accounts deleted the same day, all in the name of cost-cutting. I haven’t worked for a newspaper after college, and I probably never will.

But kudos to Hart, who has married his incredible skills with a flare for the sarcastic known all too well by laid-off professionals.

Check out his Tumblr page here, and be sure to follow along as he documents the solitude of unemployment.

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