Why flopping is chasing me away from the NBA

LeBron probably flopped immediately after debating this call. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)
LeBron probably flopped immediately after debating this call. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

I’m done with it all.

I’m done with the flopping that we see on a near-nightly basis in the NBA. I’m done with the fake tough persona of the players in the league. Everyone’s a tough guy until they think the referee isn’t looking and they can get away with a gutless flop.

I’m done with the NBA Playoffs, because the nonsense you see in the games that should be the most entertaining is pitiful.

It’s your fault, LeBron James. One of the biggest physical specimens on the planet can be brought to the floor in a heap by players barely half his size? A grown man flinging himself all over the place like a child, then arguing when he isn’t awarded a foul.

It’s also your fault, Dwyane Wade. You’re one of the biggest cheap-shot artists in sports today. There are 20 cameras in the arena, yet you think the flying elbows and kicks to the groins of opposing players will fly? Sorry, but sports shouldn’t be played that way. Not even when a trophy is on the line.

It’s not just the Miami Heat, however. These disgraces to the game have been surfacing all over the sport in the last few years, in Miami and elsewhere. Why would I stick around to watch that nonsense when there’s a soccer game on another channel with players who can sell the flop even better?

Stand up. Grow up.

It’s frustrating to say my excitement for professional basketball has reached an all-time low just a day after the announcement of a good hire by the Atlanta Hawks. But that’s what it’s come to — even the passion for my own team has waned knowing they’ll have to share a court with these floppers and whiners next season and beyond.

Two of the best baseball GIFs I’ve ever seen were produced earlier this week … now, here are two of the worst basketball GIFs.

First, LeBron and David West doing their thing:

Via BusinessInsider.com

Then, Lance Stevenson tried to get the refs to buy whatever he was selling:

Via BusinessInsider.com

It’s just plain pathetic, and I have better things to do with my time than watch these atrocities.

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