Smile … your Monday can’t be this bad

Tumblr photo
Tumblr photo

There’s a good chance your Monday morning consisted of one, or more, of the following:

– Your alarm clock went insane from two days off and didn’t do its job
– Traffic made you seriously ponder veering off the road and into that river
– 962 e-mails that had to be pored over like a needle in a haystack in case one of them actually mattered

But there’s good news! As you rolled out of your bed in your 2-bedroom condo, 3-bedroom apartment or even parents’ house this morning, at least you weren’t waking up in one of New York City’s worst rooms.

Think bad, then think twice as bad.

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Mashable documented some of the worst listings they could find of units for sale in the NYC area, and there are some doozies. The picture to the right is one of them — if you have to store your closet above your bed, you’re really cramped for space. And it’s only $800 a month!

Others are a lot worse, and dirtier, than that photo. Some look fit for a sweatshop, and you can actually see the stale air in the picture. And they still cost $1,000 a month!

No, thanks.

So when you get home from a Monday that might be lousier than the other workdays this week, be sure to fire up the grill in the backyard you’re lucky to have, or take time to do some exercising in your living room that most Brooklynites would kill for. Chances are, you’re paying less than them for a whole lot more space.

Happy Monday everyone!

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