Andrew Wiggins: The potential game-changer

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Whenever Florida State is an overwhelming favorite for anything, I usually wince and wait for the opposite to happen.

I’m not even a negative fan; I’ve just seen bad things happen so often when they aren’t supposed to. So with this Andrew Wiggins saga, I really can’t get my hopes up.

If you don’t know, Andrew Wiggins has been called the best prep school prospect on the basketball court since LeBron James. Tuesday afternoon, he will decide where he’ll play his (one year of) college ball (before turning pro). He’s narrowed it down to four schools — Florida State, Kentucky, North Carolina and Kansas — and will make the final call after months of deliberation.

To this point, I’ve done my best to stay guarded about this situation. I can’t get my hopes up because the Seminoles have to overcome three juggernaut programs to win Wiggins’ heart, and that doesn’t happen often for FSU Basketball. I know our role, and our role isn’t to win recruiting battles over once-in-a-decade players.

But Wiggins has two parents with FSU diplomas and a high-school teammate in Xavier Rathan-Mayes already committed to FSU’s program. Things have been looking good for Florida State in this battle.

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I started to allow myself to believe Tuesday would be a good day for FSU Basketball fans until seemingly all of the experts did the same. Basketball writers all over the country have jumped on board in agreement that Wiggins will be a Seminole at the start of next season, which scares me. Here is a piece of a blog written by blogger Jeff Borzello on Monday that shows the general consensus of the media (link to the full story is here):

It’s usually the Kiss of Death when the experts are unanimous in a prediction that’s so up-in-the-air.

I’m holding my breath for good news on Tuesday afternoon, but I’m prepared for the letdown if it happens. As someone who doesn’t get deeply attached to recruiting, this isn’t as big a deal for me as it is for most. But it sure would be fun to see if FSU could make it to a Final Four next season.

While we wait, enjoy Wiggins’ nasty throwdown from a dunk contest earlier this year:

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